Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dalquharran Castle is Used as Security

Interesting article from the Irish Indepedant last week. Interesting for the main story but also for the fact that Ayrshire has been relocated by the journalist to the Scottish highlands.

"A castle in the Scottish highlands (sic), valuable paintings by Irish artists Sean Keating, Donald Tesky and George K Gillespie, as well as any proceeds from an upcoming court battle, have all been put up as security for borrowings from Anglo Irish Bank by indebted developer Seamus Ross of Menolly Homes.

Mr Ross has pledged Dalquharran Castle in Ayrshire as security against borrowings from the bank. The ruined castle, built by Robert Adam in 1780, is earmarked for major redevelopment as a golf resort, subject to funding.

Menolly has also pledged land in Montenegro as security, as well as a number of insurance policies, according to mortgage documents.

The image comes from a great site about derelict buildings and has some great photos of a magnificent ruin that most of us remain blissfully unaware of.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

What's the old saying about the proof of the pudding...

Well, little more than a fortnight after the three separate Ayrshire councils signed a declaration to work together in promoting a single destination Ayrshire message, what happens but one council already breaks ranks at the first big press and PR opportunity that comes around.

The cynics have argued that they heard this "joint working exercise" business spouted before and doubted the likelihood of seeing anything more than words. Do they have grounds for this scepticism? Make your own minds up...

This paragraph is lifted from the R & A press release announcing Turnberry as venue for the 2012 Seniors Open. (Which in itself is great news for Ayrshire and the rest of Scottish tourism.

"Councillor Bill McIntosh, Leader of South Ayrshire Council, said: "Turnberry is an iconic golf location and I am thrilled The Senior Open Championship is returning to South Ayrshire next year. We are, of course, the birthplace and home of Open Golf and we are also well-known for hosting major international events, so it’s going to be a fabulous sporting occasion.

“I look forward to welcoming players, staff, fans, family and friends to South Ayrshire for this wonderful event and will ensure a great time is had by all here on Scotland’s very own golf coast.”

So much for the value of that commitment and pledge then. They really just can't help themselves can they?

Martin Cheyne, Councillor David O'Neill, Councillor Bill McIntosh, Councillor Douglas Reid, and Jill Farrell sign the new Ayrshire Tourism Charter

Councillor McIntosh, just in case you forgot what you signed up for - there is only one Ayrshire.